On October 27, 1989, the family of Samuel Rubery Mottershead and Annie Mansfield joined together to celebrate Sam and Annie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, at the home of their daughter, Vivien, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.

Their marriage took place on October 27, 1939, in Stockport, Cheshire, England.

The following photos tell the story of the day ~

Sam, Annie, their daughters and two youngest grandchildren, Ben & Hayley.

Sam, Annie and their four daughters. I wonder what was so funny?

Daughters Annette and Christine.

Sam & Annies Grandaughter Jenine, holding her son. Mathew. Jenine’s mother Annette is holding Sam & Annies youngest grandaughter, Hayley.

Sam’s brother Bill Mottershead, his wife Fay, Annie and Sam.

All of Sam & Annies grandchildren in 1989 ~ Troy, Jenine, Andrew, Jeffrey, Mark, Scott, Steven, Mathew. At the front, Hayley and Ben.

Sam & Annie cutting the cake. Annie said she was so happy!

Brothers Sam & Bill Mottershead.

Uncle David tickles his neice, Hayley, while big brother Ben looks on.

The whole family ~ Maria, Christine, Jo, Allan, Adrian, David, Troy, Brett, Jeffrey, Andrew, Annie holding granddaughter Hayley, Sam holding grandson Ben, Annette, Vivien, Jenni, Mathew, Scott, Steven, Jenine holding Mathew, and Mark.

Grandaughter Jenine holds her son, Mathew, and her neice, Hayley. The two babies were often refered to as the twins, as they were born one day apart, yet Hayley is the generation above Mathew.

Sam and Annie…So many presents to open!

Sam & Annies four daughters ~ Annette, Christine, Vivien and Jo.

Annie with her eldest grandchild, Jeffrey.

Cousins Troy and Hayley at play.

Annie…”Anyone for cake?”

Chatting with the girls outside in the Bar-b-que area.

Sam and Annie were married just after the outbreak of World War II, and a Sam was joining the army, they didn’t spend very much time preparing for their wedding day and there were no photos taken. They were married at the registry office in Stockport, with Sam’s parents as their witnesses.

After their wedding, they bought fish and chips, which they ate at home. Fish and chips remained a favourite meal throughout their married lives.

The next photo is Annie, wearing the dress she was married in. Annie said an artist added colour and definition to the original photo taken, and the gold coloured bow on her dress was a brooch.