Index of Family Members

William Thompson (standing, fifth from far right) and his son, Samuel Rubery Thompson (standing, fourth from far right).

To locate a family story, simply click on a highlighted name below, which will redirect you to the page or pages for your chosen person.

Further links will be added as the site grows ~

Samuel Rubery Mottershead (1920 – 1998)

Annie Mansfield (1921 – 1993)

Annette Mottershead (1942 – 2007)

Christine Mottershead

Vivien Mottershead

Sam and Annie Mottershead’s Golden Wedding Anniversary (1989)

Samuel Mottershead (1890 – 1946)

Florence Edith Thompson (1897 – 1973)

Samuel Rubery Thompson (1880 – 1914)

Walter Mansfield (1870 – 1952)

Edith Lillian Statham (1883 – 1932)

As I sort through mountains of information collected throughout many years of research, I will be adding more family names along with all of the stories that I find along the way.

If there’s a story to be told, you will find it here! But all in good time. Here is a further list of names that will appear, listed in alphabetical order ~

Cordukes – Cummins – Hardwick – Hassall – Howard – Hughes – Kemp – Parker – Rolaston – Rubery – Sheldon – Shimwell – Turner – Watkin – Witton – Woore

8 thoughts on “Index of Family Members”

  1. Anna Owen previously Mottershead said:

    What a wonderful site! A labour of love by the looks of it. I will show this to my grandparents..Derek and Miriam Mottershead and my parents Richard and Susan Mottershead:-)


  2. laurie green said:

    My family grew up in St Marys NSW. I remember my parents talking about the Mottershead family, I think my parents were friends with Bill Mottershead. I wonder if yours is the same family?. My parents are Gordon William (Bill Green) and Olive Irene Green (Dec). We lived in little Chapel St St Marys.
    Laurie Green

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Lawrence Green, who would have thought you would find me here? 😀 We know each other, we played together as children, you, me and Pam! I remember you had an older brother, Johnny, and sister too, Carol! When I was born, we lived in Little Chapel Street, and our parents were friends. When we moved to the Blue Mountains, I remember visiting your family a few times; you had budgies, and to this day, when I hear a budgie singing, it reminds me of your family…happy childhood memories. 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you have lost your mum. Your dad, Bill, must be a good age now, around his early 90’s, I’m guessing? You are right in guessing that Bill Mottershead was from the same family, he was my uncle, and lived at St. Mary’s for many years.

      I have a memory of you and Pam visiting us with your parents when we lived in the Blue Mountains. It was raining that day, and we played a game of “elastics” on our big front veranda…I don’t know if that will jog your memory at all, but it was the last time I remember seeing you all.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment here, you’ve really made my day, getting in touch like this. 🙂


  3. emily bennett said:

    im wondering if we are related somehow. I live on the wirral and my grandmothers maiden name was Mavis Mottershead. Her parents were sidney and ma so if you find anything please tell me 🙂


  4. Margaret Williams said:

    Hi Jo, Eric Williams, was my Father-in-Law and his Mother was Rebecca Ann Mottershead married to Hugo Vernon Williams, in Chorlton, Lancashire, 1915. I have enjoyed your stories, thank you. Eric came to Australia after his Mother’s death.


    • Hi Margaret.

      I haven’t come across the name Rebecca Ann Mottershead in my family tree yet, but who knows? We could have a connection. 🙂

      I’m pleased to hear you have enjoyed my stories and hope you visit again. ~ Jo.


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